Christy Camp

My reason for joining the registry for donating bone marrow was rather simple: my friends and I were going to watch a UH football game at Aloha Stadium and there was a bone marrow drive; they were giving out free socks with a UH logo for those who signed up. About 3 years after joining the registry I was contacted. They notified me that I was a potential match. Since I was about to go back home to Canada for three months I asked to be deferred. I was then contacted a few months later and I went in for further testing, which would determine if I truly was a good match for the person. The process was time-consuming and there were some complications after the procedure however, I did not give myself enough time to rest after the procedure since I donated at the end of my last semester of Grad school at UH.

Everyone I met throughout this process was incredibly kind and made me feel like a rockstar, even though I only joined the registry to get free socks. I am so thankful that I got to help another person who was in need. My experience is especially important to me since a month ago my uncle was diagnosed with Leukemia; I try and tell everyone I know to join the registry because a simple cheek swab and a pair of socks (or a slice of pizza, etc.) can mean all the difference between life or death for someone.